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Alpha Wealth 2018 Retirement Boot Camp Series:


Estate Planning Fundamentals

April 7, 2018 10:00a - 11:30a Central Standard Time

Lower Level Conference Room

If you think about the real priorities in your life … The stuff that really matters … It’s your family, right? And the single most important thing you could do for your family … is to ensure that when you do pass away … your estate is protected. Because if you don’t have an estate plan … Everything you own could be tied up in courts for years. It could cost your estate tens of thousands of dollars in probate and legal fees. And it could even get double-taxed by the government! Learn how you could avoid all of this by attending our upcoming workshop Estate Planning Fundaments presented by Tom Fortino, host of the Alpha Wealth Hour on AM 560.


Maximizing Income In Retirment

May 19, 2018 10:00a - 11:30a Central Standard Time

Lower Level Conference Room

Retirement - This can be a scary word for people. With pension plans being few and far between the stress and risk for making our money last during our retirement falls squarely on our shoulders. However, you don't have to be alone in planning for this. Join the Alpha Wealth Group as we discuss Maximizing Income In Retirement. You will learn the 3 key building blocks to bulletproofing your retirement plan, How to create dependable, sustainable lifetime income, how to protect your investments from a stock market downturn and much, much more.

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